4A's MAIP Host Agency Application

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program. This application is due at 5pm ET on January 15th. Please provide the following information for the individual who will serve as the official MAIP contact for your office:

Contact Info

Enter N/A if this does not apply

Agency Address


Agency Fellow Preferences

Please indicate below the number of fellows you are requesting for each department. This is not binding, it's just good for us to know how many fellows each agency plans to give an offer to.

Please note: In addition to the salary of the fellow(s), the agency is responsible for paying a non- refundable administrative fee of $3,300 (member agencies) or $4,300 (non-member agencies) per fellow for the program. (This non-refundable administrative fee is separate and apart from any fellow compensation.)

Does your agency have an internal internship program with a start or end date before or after the official MAIP work dates of June 1 to July 31?

Note that all MAIP fellows will be in NYC for The Face of Talent from August 3-7th and will not be in your office.

Do you recommend any local affordable housing opportunities near your agency?

Please note: agencies are required to employ their MAIP fellows from June 1st through July 31st, regardless of the dates of the agency's own internship program. If you would like your fellow to start prior to or end after those dates, the agency must cover the associated housing/travel costs. Fellows must be present for the full Face of Talent week, August 3rd-7th. No exceptions will be made. Please mark these dates on your calendar and communicate them as appropriate to the intern(s)' supervisor.

Agency and City Information

The information provided below will be distributed to our Finalists prior to selection, highlighting what to expect at your agency and in your city!

Briefly describe your agency (philosophy, what you do, why you do it, etc.).

What are the top three interesting facts about your agency that MAIPers won't find on your website?

What are the top three interesting facts about or things to do in your agency's city?

Agency Culture Information

The information provided below will be used to determine whether your agency's workplace culture is one that is conducive to hosting a MAIP fellow. If the 4A's Talent Engagement & Inclusion team determine that your agency isn't quite there yet, we'll do everything we can to work with you on getting ready for a MAIPer!

What is your agency's primary reason for participating in the MAIP fellowship?

What is your agency's overall approach to diversity and inclusion?

What is your agency doing in the diversity and inclusion space outside of MAIP? Please be specific.

Where does your agency source other interns from? Please be specific.

Describe the steps your agency is taking to welcome and retain your MAIP fellow.